It was always my goal to get the know on SBTV and how it came about. The opportunity finally arose when I arrived at the Go Think Big Panel.

Changing Landscapes: Music & Broadcasting Panel Event was filled with young hopefuls, all aspiring rappers, singers, videographers and DJ’s.

The panel consisted of;

  • Jamal Edwards – founder of SBTV
  • DJ Argue – Radio presenter and DJ
  • Paul Shulver – Head of Music Sponsorship, O2
  • Thom Gulseven – Commisioning Editor for All 4 & Channel 4
  • Paigey Cakey – MC , Singer and actress

I entered the Blue Room in the O2 Greenwich followed by many excited young people, the cosy set up was just right for getting up close and personal to the panelists. The room was lit blue, true to its name, filled with comfy chairs in front of the stage.

When settled I was offered a variety of snacks to choose from while the DJ played all the latest UK hits. The host ran onto the stage with so much energy, enough to snap me out of my chill zone.

To warm up the host had a Q&A with Jamal Edwards, the founder of SBTV, where he dropped knowledge on the broadcasting and music industry right now.

Sound advice from Industry professionals

“Launching SBTV in 2018 would have been easier because now doors are open. SBTV is about trying to get stories out.”

When asked what he would tell everyone in the room his response was “Talent trumps all, it doesn’t matter about following, everyone’s doing their thing now. Just wait your turn and be authentic.”

In regards to music Paigey Cakey said “Be selective and true to your sound.”

Thomas Gulsen said “post content that people trust and build a community around yourself.”

Paul Shelver said “Know your audience and what they’re into to monetise your business.”

The vibe was good with young hopefuls showing off their talents when it was time for them to ask questions. One girl free-styled ending with “Can I get a warm up session?” aimed towards a grinning Jamal.

A lot of advice was given that I and many others will cherish throughout our careers.