Mahalia has continued to explore her creativity during this pandemic and has realised a new project called ‘Isolation Tapes’. The project is only 9 minutes long with 3 songs which I think is perfect for the times, as there is so much to consume right now from constant Instagram lives to workout plans and the news of the virus itself. It’s nice to have a Mahalia vibe during the craze as she never disappoints with her projects and her voice alone is soothing. 

I’ve been a huge fan of Mahalia and when she released ‘What You Did?’ ft Ella Mai I think I had it on repeat each day for a month.

The Tracklist


The first track ‘BRB’ is about not being at home with her boo, having to hold it down during isolation and wait until they can reunite as right now they are apart. Which I know we can all relate to as most of us our away from our loved ones right now. “You and a red eye” really stands out to me as we are all using technology to stay in contact with our friends and family each day whether they are near or far. This song is perfect for the season and makes me hopeful and excited for when isolation is over and it also makes me appreciate my loved ones even more. A great start to the tape. I’ll be right back. As stated earlier Mahalia’s voice is soothing and comforting which is why I feel good when listening to the lyrics and it has opened my eyes to a different perspective.

Plastic Plants 

‘Plastic Plants’ is about a guy who she wanted to love however instead of the real thing she’s receiving plastic plants when she tried to love like in the movies. With lyrics like “link me like a daisy, chain upon my hand” shows the real from the fake, who can link fake daisy’s. I love the concept of plastic plants as whenever we fall in love we want the real thing, but what exactly is the real thing? Isolation has your girl singing about a lot of things many of us may be reevaluating during our time inside.

Too Nice

‘Too Nice’ is the final song on the project and takes me back to the good old days of going to the club and catching a guys eyes. Mahalia creates the scene of a guy standing at the bar waiting to make a move, with a more upbeat vibe and a slight aggression to her voice she is saying that the guy is taking his time and how he thinks he’s too nice ‘we only have one life’. Girl haven’t we all been there. The track is about changing the narrative and convincing him to make the first move as he already has her attention. I don’t know about you but I feel once lockdown is over everyone will be shooting their shot. 

I feel like the project is a good vibe which is needed in this time. I’m even more supportive as this was recorded during a tough time yet it brings the listeners like myself joy.