Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible

The Ends Festival

So I arrive at the ends festival and as I’m driving down the road with the park on my right I’m wondering if driving was wise. Just as these thoughts crossed my mind, something said to me take this left. As I took the left and drive up a little there was parking on...

White Yardie

Get into when Latoya met with one of the most hilarious people to ever hit the UK's comedy scene, White Yardie! Watch as they talk about everything from comedy to Black Lives Matter to The UK...This is an interview not to be missed! Buy "How Mi Talk Suh" performed by...

The Intent Movie

Watch when Latoya caught up with the uber-talented Nicky Slimting and Femi Oyeniran to talk all things "The Intent" "The Biggest Film to come out the UK EVER" Slim: @NickySlimting Femi: https: @femioyeniran The Intent: @theintent

Tammy Rivera

Watch as Latoya catches up with designer and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Star Tammy Rivera to talk all things T Rivera and LAHH. Tammy Rivera https://www.instagram.com/charliesangelll/ https://twitter.com/MzFlame_86 T Rivera @triveraonline

Haze The Truth

Latoya Lovell interviewed Haze , see what he had to say about life and new album release Thinking Out Loud. Haze @HazeTheTruth  

UKS Black Rose

When you walk into a crowded room UKS Black Rose is a woman you definitely notice. I first met UKS Black Rose at a launch party for Jump Off. She was brimming with energy and definitely had the men in the room mesmerised. I thought it was time for a catch up with her...

Big Church Day Out Festival 2019 (BCDO)

We arrive at the Big Church Day Out which is described as “a Christian non-profit music festival that takes place in Wiston, West Sussex, England, best known for its contemporary Christian music. Many musical types are represented at the festival with the festival to...

Get ‘Prestige’ with Pressa

Pressa is a Canadian rapper who first got his recognition from his song “Canada Goose” featuring Tory Lanez. His new album 'Prestige' is one to listen to. “Prestige” is his first album named after his dad who is currently incarcerated and has been since he was little....

Stylo G Headline Show – Saturday 6th April 2019

We arrived at Earth H in Dalston shortly after 9pm, the atmosphere was exhilarating from the queue. As we picked up our Press wristbands and entered through the double doors the arena was packed. There were so may colours that it stimulated my mind and made me feel at...