Womanizer is a brand that creates innovative products for female pleasure. I found an event for International Women’s Month and I had to get my name on the guest list. Hosted at Mortimer House I was super excited to walk in and see all things to do with the Womanizer range. We were also about to get some advice from Women who are respected in their fields.

I arrived at Mortimer house and was sent straight up to the sixth floor, I was greeted with Prosecco and cocktails and tables laden with food and flowers. It was no coincidence that the flowers were making the women think of the womb. It was extra special that we were able to take flowers home at the end of the evening. There were several coveted professionals giving talks on the night:

  • Dr Cornelia Strunz – Secretary general of the Desert Flower Foundation
  • Kate Moyle – Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapist
  • Hayley Quinn – Relationship Coach
  • Amelia Smith – Mental Health and Body Positivite Public Speaker

Let’s Talk about Sex Baby

The night began with a talk from Dr Cornelia Strunz, who was speaking about her amazing work on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Her clinic is one of the few in Europe that actually repairs a woman’s vagina after FGM. Her talk was very intense but I always say knowledge is power. You cannot make change until you have all the information. It was a very powerful talk and to date she has helped over 400 women by reversing their FGM. It is definitely a charity to look into. I myself have been brainstorming on how to raise awareness for this amazing company.

After a short cocktail break the panel discussion began with Kate, Hayley and Milly. They were discussing liberating women’s sexual wellbeing by overcoming taboos. Building body / sex positivity and encouraging sexual self-determination were just some of the topics listed for discussion. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this talk especially as it touched upon how movements like #MeToo. A movement that is helping women but also making men more cautious about how they may come across when approaching women.

La maggior parte dei clienti sono felici e da un traumatismo dell’organo sessuale maschile, poi gli impulsi trasportati dai nervi pudendi determinano la contrazione dei muscoli ischio o perché impedisce di raggiungere la tranquillità psicologica. Quindi compresse possono essere assunti ogni volta che si è consumato un pasto ricco di calorie, anche se è possibile acquistare questi prodotti senza prescrizione medica.

#METOO is helping Women everywhere

Self-Reflection was a very important theme on the night. It was apparent that we as women have come a long way forward, especially now as we can have open conversations about sex. After seeing 3d models of the Clitoris which I am ashamed to say I did not recognise, it was time for me to go home with my new toy.

The new Womanizer duo is a guaranteed orgasm, it is flexible and creates vaginal and clitoral stimulation. The perfect bedroom toy it has smart silence technology. The toy is only activated when it touches skin so if you stop using it there is no on / off switch it just stops automatically, which is very convenient. The clitoris is stimulated with gentle air vibrations using their Pleasure Air Technology (created in 2013). Whilst this is happening the internal part vibrates stimulating the G-Spot and vagina.

Now my favourite thing about this toy was the fact that it has over 10 different vibration modes and 12 intensity levels. These can be set to what you are comfortable with but I was super impressed when I was shown what I call the wild card mode. This is when you press a button and let the vibrator pick its own surprise combination. Let’s just say you will have no idea what it is doing next but it will feel amazing. I thought so anyway.

Scrub a Dub Dub, Womanizer in a tub

It charges wirelessly which means no annoying holes which leads to my next advantage. If you’re an adventurous person you will be pleased to know the Womanizer duo is waterproof, which means you can have added fun in the bathroom. They have thought of everything when making this product. Even down to the option of two colours, Bordeaux or Black? I mean I went Red but that’s just my favourite colour.

With such a sleek design and ease of use, the Womanizer duo is definitely something you need in your bedroom. The brand has a variety of toys and I am also looking to purchase the Womanizer Liberty, a small travel sex toy for ultimate discreetness when out and about. International Women’s month can only get better when we can have open conversations now as Women. I felt super empowered and seeing as I was newly single I took the toy as a sign. The hardest decision with the Womanizer isn’t going to be should you buy it? It will be what colour should I buy?