The Gallery, Bar and Grill in South Woodford is a lovely intimate venue with amazing entertainment and a cocktail bar. Saturdays are a time for cocktails and catch up with friends, however, sometimes it isn’t always easy to find the best cuisine. Luckily The Gallery has nailed it when it comes to good cuisine, tasty cocktails and trendy décor.

I arrive in the building and hear beautiful music being played on a grand piano which is located in the midst of the people. The music is relaxing and the environment is warming as I hand over my coat. Jourdan Riane and I are lead to our table where we notice a lovely ‘Push for Champagne’ button on the wall. I always love a place where I can push a button and it actually works. Although I can see a lot of women getting a bit carried away on that button.

Glitz and Glamour with Queen Silver and King Gold

By the time our waiter arrived I had finally decided on Salad of Heritage Beetroots for my starter andGrilled Monkfish and Prawns for my main. I waited for my Long Island Iced Tea, my new favourite drink. Whilst I waited and we were chatting two lovely sparkly guests strolled past. I nicknamed them Queen Silver and King Gold although I am sure they have official names.

It wasn’t long until the food arrived and I was wowed by the presentation and the flavours. I love to think I am educated but when my plate arrived with different coloured beetroots, I learnt a new fact. Beetroots are not just red! After devouring the food I was brought my main course and it was one of the biggest prawns I have seen in my life. I never let a meal beat me and this one was no different, I devoured that Prawn and Monkfish. It was exquisite and I must say I would definitely recommend that on the menu.

Selfies on The Blue Lounge Chair

After having a quick prosecco in the cocktail lounge upstairs it was time for me to head home. The atmosphere upstairs was just picking up and I was sad to go home and leave. I knew that the party was going to be epic and the selfies would be amazing. Overall, a restaurant that needs to be added to your New Year’s places to go.