Thomas Sabo is one of the globally leading watch and jewellery brands, designing and distributing lifestyle products for Men and Women. They recently had a launch for their magic collection at a secret location in Covent Garden. We were ready to see the beautiful designs at the magical themed event.

A Magical Evening…

Upon arrival we were led through a forest tunnel entrance with fairy lights glistening everywhere. Once we were through the tunnel, the room opened up into a dimly lit magical room. There was flowing champagne and the new jewellery collection on display for everyone to see. I walked straight to the bar and was greeted with two cocktails which were themed for the night:

  • Midnight Sky (D & S Signature Vodka, Blueberry Syrup, Lime Juice, Ginger Beer, Frozen Blueberries and Mint)
  • Shooting Star (Grapefruit Juice, Ginger Beer and Rosemary)

I had to try both cocktails however I love Ginger Ale so the Midnight Sky was my drink of the evening. After leaving the bar we decided to look at all the amazing Jewellery which was all beautiful. The collections were on display and I saw a dragonfly pendant that I would definitely add to my collection at home.

The DJ on the decks gave us magic music whilst I walked over to the sweet table. It was layered in our favourite sweets but the crystal lollipops caught my eye in particular. They were blue and purple and I was thoroughly looking forward to eating them whilst I sipped on my midnight sky.

Thomas Sabo Magic Launch

Gems with Meaning

Armed with sweets I joined the cue for our gift of the evening. Our very own Magic Collection Bracelets. With the arrival of 5 new stones with different meanings it was time to pick three beads to add to my new Thomas Sabo Bracelet. The stones were:Thomas Sabo Magic Launch

  • Chalcedony – a baby blue gem which is a relaxation aid
  • Natural Agate – a golden yellow gem which lends its wearer willpower and ambition
  • Green Aventurine – a green gem which spreads optimism and is the gem of positive thinkers
  • Shiny Obsidian – a black gem which grounds people and brings them back to earth
  • Red Aventurine – a red gem that lends its wearer stamina and performance

It was a hard decision but, in the end, I selected Red as it is my favourite colour, Shiny Obsidian for grounding and Natural Agate for Willpower.

After walking away with my new bracelet, I noticed people were starting to gather around the dancefloor. There was a dancer on a spinning disco ball that was to win everyone by balancing on her hands. She was creating shapes on top of their I could only dream to create. It was beautiful and you guessed it… Magical. Once she was finished I headed over to a makeup artist who was giving people glitter looks. I was ready to sparkle and become magical myself.

It’s not often I go to themed events that get it right. However, Thomas Sabo made this event magical from start to finish and we really couldn’t have asked for more. The new collection of beads is going to be a hit with anyone who likes jewellery especially if it has a meaning. They will be perfect for a partner, a friend or a child. I’m looking forward to all of the rest of this magical collection.