We arrived at Earth H in Dalston shortly after 9pm, the atmosphere was exhilarating from the queue. As we picked up our Press wristbands and entered through the double doors the arena was packed. There were so may colours that it stimulated my mind and made me feel at home as a fellow Jamaican (we love colours). The venue was much larger than anticipated and actually holds about 1,200 in the Arena.

As we walked through, the bar was to the right as well as the Press/Artist area. The bar queue moved fairly quickly and we were served by friendly bar staff within 2 minutes of waiting, which was record time in comparison to other venues we have attended.
The vibe inside the Earth was extremely buzzing, everyone was either dancing or having a drink as the very talented Sir DJ Cory kept everyone on their feet as we awaited the first acts performance.

The first act to perform on the night were Big Zeeks & The Shellington High Road (EMAK, Tines, Diggy Ustle & Indie) who absolutely annihilated the stage from the beginning till the end of their performance. We have seen Big Zeek’s in several different arenas and each and every time he seems to get better and better, bringing extremely positive vibes and an aura like no other to the stage, EVERY time. They performed hits such as Yo, IALOM and his new single HAPPY which features Stylo G on the original and D Double E on the Remix. D Double E joined the Shellington High Road performance for HAPPY which lit the crowd right up, causing Sir DJ Cory to pull the song up and repeat. As Shellington Highroad had the crowd literally jumping in Earth it was a perfect way to start the evening. I was absolutely buzzing.

Lisa Mercedes followed their performance, entering the stage in an exotic outfit and a lot of sass. Lisa owned the stage throughout her performance and brought out the beautiful Nadia Rose, which was nice to see two women collaborate and own the stage in such a powerful way.

Finally, last but by no means least was the long anticipated Stylo G to grace the stage with his remarkable presence. Stylo brought an amazing vibe to the arena with his Style on level 100! Stylo performed hits such as Call me a Yardie & Touchdown. When touchdown came on the crowd literally lit up like a bonfire, everyone sang the lyrics word for word which created a whirlwind of emotions & an exceptional vibe from the stage, to the floor, to the bar. Even the security was in their element. The atmosphere in the arena was electrifying and contagious. There wasn’t anyone in the arena who was stood still, which is very rare to see. This song also received a pull up from Sir DJ Cory for the way the crowd reacted to it. At one stage Stylo jumped into the crowd and performed from the floor. A highlight for me within Stylo G’s performance was when he paid homage to his foundation friends and brought them out on stage to perform a lyric or two. To see this is heart-warming because it shows how humble and loyal he is as a person, this trait is extremely hard to find in artists these days, so refreshing to see as a Writer/Presenter.Stylo, also brought several dancers from the crowd on stage to have dancing competitions which was extremely engaging & brought another dynamic to the night, with money being given away to the best dancer. I remember a lady in metallic green absolutely killing the dance competition & also a lady in pink camo who held it down for the slim ladies as she done the dance in true Jamaican style.

The night came to a close with Stylo G thanking everyone for participating in the night and for coming out to support him. He also introduced Seani B to the fans as he was the DJ who was responsible for the rest of the night being so enjoyable. He played absolute bangers, keeping the energy of the crowd on level 100. At this point I was in my element and knew I had an amazing article to write. An amazing headline show to say the least.