Osh is a viral sensation who woke up to being all over the internet. His freestyle over Burna Boy’s ‘Ye’ instrumental had both a comedic element, catchy chorus and different camera angles which made the internet retweet. Luckily for us we joined Plugsville (music, sports and culture platform) when he interviewed the artist.

The singer recently signed to Columbia Records and has gained over 44k followers on Instagram with the release of ‘Different to your Ye’.

Dripping with Sauce…

My Ye is Different to your Ye“I posted the freestyle on Instagram and someone else posted it on Twitter and it went viral on Twitter. I didn’t even know it was happening, I got a call at around 11’o’clock at night, it was at around 200 likes and then I went to sleep. Next morning it continued.”

Osh posted freestyles beforehand and had four freestyles ready to post over some of his favourite instrumentals. However, it only took one video to show off his personality and launch his career.

“I started music in 2017 after I graduated, I just got my graduate job but wanted to do something I love. It’s my responsiblity to let people know that I take this seriously. I always knew I would get to this point, the only surprise is how quick it’s happened. My intention wasn’t to blow off of that song. It was to show people another side to me. I released the song and got signed in two weeks. That’s a journey some people do in ten years.””

The video was filmed by his team, including his current manager.

I haven’t spoken to Burna Boy, but I’m a fan of his song

“I wanted to show my personality and then people liked the camera angles and my hand movements. Long story short it’s a line that’s meant to motivate you. Two people can be doing the same thing but theres something different in the way you do it.”

The instrumental used is that of the popular Nigerian Afrobeats artist, Burna Boy. The song ‘Ye’, is hailed as the Nigerian National Anthem.

“I haven’t spoken to Burna Boy, but I’m a fan of his song. That’s the whole reason why I did this song. I like his artistry.”

Osh posted a picture of him and Idris Elba on his socials and Mr. Elba as he stated has done a remix of the track. With a new deal and signing to Columbia records it will be interesting to see how this artist develops. We’re sure it won’t be the last time he goes viral.

You can watch @Plugsville full interview here: