SMA is a rapper from Streatham in London, who’s love for music propelled him into the UK rap scene. The rapper toured with Bonkaz receiving a great reception from the crowds. I sat down with SMA a few days before his big headline show with his friend Stxcks to talk all things “The Aura Show’ the joint project and his new Confetti Playlist Project.

The Aura Show is SMA’s first headline show which is named after the joint project SMA released with friend/rapper Stxcks called ‘Aura’.

“Aura came about because we were always rolling together. We’d play a beat and it was just natural, we made it in two weeks in a car. It’s a hybrid of our styles and very groovy. Aura came from a deep place and put me in another lane.”

The headline show is on Thursday 8th of November with some suprise guests lined up.

“Stxcks has me pronouncing my P’s and Q’s, I have a lot of control over what’s going on, you can expect fireworks at the show, my whole thing is energy so it’s gonna be very energetic and quite interactive because we know a lot of the people who are gonna be there. It’s our people so it’s gonna be for them and lit.”

“I’m excited to perform Lights off because that’s with the band. Flight Mode I get to stretch my vocals on that. Singing is like 50% of what I do but everyone classes me as the rapper.”

SMA recently released the visuals for his single “Go Getter” on GRM Daily which gained over 8K views in a week. SMA started making music after his love for the craft got too much, he has loved music from an early age and used to sing in Church which he attended.

“The inspiration for the song was just everyday life that I live, just going through London that’s how I roll, it’s a bit childish, I’m a childish individual. I don’t take nothing too seriously and I don’t pay attention to a lot of things. If I see something and I want it I go and get it.”

The rapper is working on a new project called ‘Confetti Playlist Project’ which he will be releasing soon.

Socials: @sma_music