Jupiter Grey is an RnB singer-songwriter born and raised in the South of London. After singing with two different types of groups. One being a 4 part harmony group and the other a 3 piece, he decided to go solo debuting with his single ‘Black Mirror’. The RnB singer sat down with me in his studio in West London in the heart of a Catholic Church called St Katherine’s.

Jupiter Grey has just released his new single ‘Aquamarine’ which is off his upcoming trilogy project “The Colours We Make”.

“The inspiration behind the song is because I’ve always started out friends first in relationships, I’ve never moved to a girl, the songs about when you get to that point where you’re like I kind of like you now. I wanted to describe the relationship in one word. It’s a rare precious stone and a colour.”

The Colours We Make is part of a whole project called ‘The Purple Sun’ the name originating from Jupiter Grey’s favourite colour.

“I’ve been working on it for about a year now, it tells the story of where I’m heading in life, meeting a girl, it going amazingly well, thinking she’s the one and then it not kind of panning out that way. It’s like a diary, I’m fully open.The Colours We Make is on the saying, you know, of people showing their true colours.”

Jupiter grew up in a religious environment with many of his influences coming from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Brian Mcknight, Frank Ocean and the Gospel genre. The studio location is special to him as it is in a church giving him more inspiration and connection.

“There’s a song on the project which is talking to God called Beautiful Lie that talks about coming through a storm. People may think it’s about a girl but when you listen to the lyrics you’ll realise.”

The video for Aquamarine is on its way and viewers can expect an aesthetically eye pleasing, anime inspired visual.

“It’s a vibe and very much going incoherent with the project. I’m trying to put forward a presentation that’s true to who I am as an artist. There will be anime but not much of a story.”

The anime theme is all over Jupiter Grey’s Twitter and Instagram profiles, alongside pictures of space, stars and the Sun. The very influences of the trilogy project and the inspiration for Jupiter Grey’s name.

“I’m a sagittarius and the revolving planet is Jupiter and my music’s not black or white it’s in the middle so Grey.”

The Colours We Make will be released November 26th.

Socials: @jupiter_grey_uk